Chico Bands

A list of bands in Chico California that are currently playing.

Current Venues to play

Cafe Coda - Breakfast and Lunch restaurant that has all ages shows. Beer/Wine are available for 21+. Many genre’s are welcome, including: Rock, Indie, Metal, Doom, Acoustic, Dance, etc. 

1078 Gallery - Art Gallery that hosts a variety of art (duh), from sculptures to painting and much more. Has also become more active in the performance arts since Josh Hegg has been involved. Open to many varieties of music. 

Monstros Pizza - Pizza Parlor (my fave) that is host to all ages shows. Focusing on Metal, Punk, and a variety of extreme musics, it also has been open to rock, acoustic, and other types of music on occasion. The CCAP do all the booking there. 

The Maltese - Divey yet refined booze bar that has been more active with booking shows since Scott Barwick has taken over booking. Rock, Roll, and everything else has taken place there. 

LaSalles - Used to be more active with live bands, which has turned more of a Club/EDM venue. The occasional rock/metal/hip hop show still happens there. 

100th Monkey Cafe and Book Store - Fairly new to the performance art scene, this has hosted rock/punk/metal recently. 

Current List of Active Chico Bands 12/23/13

Alan Rigg Trio - Jazz/Trio/Smoothashell

Aberrance -  Paradise/metal/Riffs/Heavy (dudes)

Alli Battaglia and the Musical Brewing Co. - Jam/Funk/Rock

All Fired Up - Cover/Rock/Roll

A.L.O. - Electronic/Beats/Dance

The Alternators - Rock/Roll/Covers

Amarok - Doom/Riffs/Heavy/LoudAsFuck

The Americas - Indie/Rock/Chico/ROLL!

Armed for Apocalypse - Sludgy/Heavy/Riffs

Astronaut - Progressive/Metal/Riffs/8 String

Aubrey Debauchery and the Broken Bones - Singer/Songwriter/Rock/Roll

Badger - Punk/Rock/Roll

BandMaster Ruckus - Rock/Roll/Other

DJ Becca - Guess…that’s right…DJ Music/Dance/Electronic

Big Bill and the Extra Crispies - Horns/Fun/Rock?

Big Mo and the Full Moon Band - Rock/Roll/Jam/Tasty

Big Slim - Rap/HipHop/R and B

Big Tree Fall Down - Ska/Rock/Roll/Reggae 

Biggs Roller - Punk/Rock/Country/BIGGS@!

Billy the Robot - Electronic/Bass/Dance

Bionix - Electronic/Beats/FO SHO!

Black Fong - Funk/Jam/Rock/Roll/Dance

Black Fong - Funk/Jam/Rock/Roll/Dance

Blaster Dead - Punk/Rock/2Piece

Blood Cabana - Metal/Thrash/Riffs

The Blue Hippies - I/D/K

The Blue Merles - Country/Blues/Dads

Bran Crown - Singer/Songwriter/

Bogg - Jazz/Progressive/Betterthenyourband

Born Into This - Punk/Rock/Roll

Boss 501 - Rocksteady/Reggae/Fun/Dancehall

Box Knife Betty - Rock/Roll/

Broken Rodeo - AltCountry/Singer/Songwriter 

Bunnymilk - Songbirds/Singer/Songwriter

Cannon and the Lion of Judah - Reggae 

The Cause - Rock/Roll/School

Chad Bush - Country / Covers/ Cowboy Hats

Charlie Robinson - Jazz/Guitar/Master/Best’

Chico Jazz Collective - Jazz HANDS!

Chris Shadt Band - Funk/Soul/Dance!/FUN!/LOVE!@!@@@

Christine Lepado Trip - Jazz/Trio/Soul

Chuck Epperson Jr. Band - Fuck/Rock/Roll

Cities  - Post Rock/Heavy/Shoegaze

Clouds of Fire - Metal/Progressive

Clouds on Strings -  Progressive/Rock/Roll/Yup

Cold Blue Mountain - Riffs/Heavy/Sludgy/Post - Metal/ Beards 

Criminal Wave - Punk/Hardcore/Roll

Daniel Vera - Singer/Songwriter/Arteest

Danny Cohen -  Old/Bitter/Odd

Dave Elke - Jazz/Soul/Rock

David Ennis - Singer/Songwriter

Dead Man’s Hand - Country/Rock

Deaf Pilots - Rock/Roll/Colllleeegggeee

Decades - Covers/Casinos/FUN!

Disco Church - Electronic/Dance/Music

DMJ - Rap/HipHop/

Dr. Becky Sagers, Ph.D - Rap/Hip Hop/RHYMMMES!

Dr. Luna - Rock/Alternative

Dumpstar - Noise/Punk

Dylan’s Dharma - Jam/Rock/Phish?!

Electric Canyon Convergence - Jam/Band/Soul/Dirt/Twirl 

Engraved in Armor - Metal/Riffs/HUH!?

Epitaph of Atlas - Noise/Riffs/Sludge/FUCK/OFF

Eric Peter - Jazz/Guitarist/7stringmaster!

Esoteric - Rap/Metal/Core

Every Hand Betrayed - Breeeeaaaaaakkkkkkddddooooowwwwnns

Fight Music - Punk/Rock/Riffs

Evin Wolverton - Singer/Songwriter/

Eyere Eyes - Bass/Electronic/Dance

Fera - Singer/Songwriter/Dreamy

Filthy Luke - Singer/Songwriter/Troubadour 

Sr. Francis Lee Howard - Singer/Songwriter/NiceGuy

Frankie Doppler’s Nuclear Sunrise - Ska/Punk/Rock

French Reform - Rock/Keys/Dance/Muzak 

Furlough Fridays - Rock/Roll

Gentleman’s Coup - Rock and Roll/ Psychedelia 

Giant’s in Disguise - Rock/Hmmm/Roll

Gigantes - Pop/Punk/Metal/

Gordy Ohliger The Banjo-ologist - Banjo!@ Duh!

Gorilla X Monsoon - Punk/Hardcore/GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!

Gravy Brain - Jam/Funk/Roll

Guerrilla Gorilla - Punk/Rock/Roll

Goat - Rock and Roll/ Post Rock

Gyro Spazzers - Surf/Punk/Rock

Ha’Penny Bridge Band - Irish/Beer?

The Hambones - Rock/Roll/Fun/Dance/Now

Heather Michelle and the Make You Mines - Singer/Songwriter/Pretty!

Hearses - Doom/Noise/Riffs/Duh

Himp C - Rap/Hip Hop

Holly Taylor - Jazz/Singer/She’s Great Trust me

The Hooliganz - Rap/Hip Hop/R and B

Icko Sicko - Punk/Rock

Into the Open Earth - Heavy/Riffs/Handsome

Io Torus - Progressive/Metal/Riffs

Ira Walker - Blues/Rock/Roll

Jay Decay - Singer/Songwriter/Jokester

Jbiz - Rap/Hip Hop

Jeff Pershing Band - Jam/Rock/Blues

Joe Goodwin - Singer/Songwriter/LostonMain

John Paul Gutierrez - Singer/Songwriter/Goodlooking

Johnny And the Bootleggers - Covers/Country/Rock

Jon Hartless - Rap/Hiphop

Jorge Jonze - Rock/Punk/Rock

Kasm - Punk/Rock/Trio

Kyle Williams - Singer/Songwriter/Soul

Laurie Dana - Singer/Jazz

Lisa Valentine - Singer/Songwriter/Soul

Lish Bills - Singer/Songwriter/Dirtbag

Logan 5 / Daxophonics - EDM/Beats

The LoLos - Indie/Rock/Roll

Los Caballitos De La Cancion - Multi Ethnic/Dance/

Los Papi Chulos - Latin/Dance/Roll

Luminous Flux - Covers/originals/duo

Lyngunstix - Rap/HipHop

Mad Bob Howard - Rock/Rolling/Rock

The Maker’s Mile - Rock/Acoustic

MaMuse - Singer/Songwriter/Beautiful Voices

Mandolyn May - Singer/Songwriter/Uke!

Mandy Jo and the Holy Mackerel - Bluegrass/Acoustic/Covers

Michelin Embers - Blues/Rock/Roll

Mike Comfort - Singer/Songwriter

Mom and Dad - Noise/Rock/And Noise

Mondegreens - Singer/Songwriter/Rock/Roll

Month of Sundays - Acoustic/Folk/Flautist

Mossy Creek - Bluegrass/Acoustic/Fun!

Motown Filthy - Covers/Rock/Motown (duh)

The Muddy Sours - Rock/Roll/2piece 

Nina Loca - Rap/Hip/Hop

Northern Traditionz -Covers/Country/Rock

Off the Record - Covers/Rock/Roll

Oisters - Punk/Stuff

Outside Looking In - Hardcore/Punk

Pageant Dads - Rock and Roll/Theatrical/ Zappa - Steely Dan Rip Offs

Pat Hull - Singer/Songwriter/Handsome

Persian Skirts - Rock/Roll/Fun

Perpetual Drifters - Rock/Indie/Roll

Present Day Enthusiasts - Rock/Roll/Fun

Pub Scouts - Irish/Celtic/Acoustic/Beer

The Pushers - Punk/Rock/Roll

Pyrx - Weed/Rap/Weed

Red Sky - Sludge/2 Piece/ Metal 

The Railflowers - Singers/Harmonies/Dreamy

Reckoning - Covers/Acoustic/The Dead Man

The Remainder - Rock/Alternative/Roll

The Resonators - Hip Hop/Rap/Collective

Rock Ridge Bluegrass Band - Bluegrass/Duh

Ryan Davidson - Singer/Songwriter/Punk/Irish

Ruby Hollow Band - Blue/Rock/Roll/SOUL!?

The Rugs - Rock/Roll/GoodTimes

Salsa Bella - SALSA?!?!?!?!?!

Sapphire Soul - Covers/Casinos!!!

Season of the Witch - “More like Season of the bitch” - Jeff Worrel 

Severance Package - Rock/Roll/Punk/DANCE

Shimmies - Indie/Rock/Handsome

She Fetus - Folk/Acoustic/What/!?!

Shadow Limb (former La Fin Du Monde) - Riffs/Post-Rock/Metal/Mathy

Shankers - Rock/Blues/Roll/THEBESTEVER!

Sick Bird - HipHop/Rap/R and B

Sisterhoods - PostRock/Indie/Nikkihasagreatvoice

Smak City - Bro/Too/Soon/Bro

Sofa King - Funk/Rock/Roll/Soul

Sorin - Metal/Riffs?/Stuff

Spy Picnic - Covers/Rock/Roll

Strange Habits - Rock/college/Huh?

Surrogate - Indie/BestbandEVER/Rock/Roll/Beards

Surrounded by Giants - PostRock/Progressive 

Swamp Zen - Jam/Rock/Band/Roll

Taunis Year One - Metal/Progressive/Riffs 

Teeph - Sludgy/Mathy/Post Rock/Dumb

Thomas Fogg - Singer/Songwriter/Handsomedevil

Three Fingers Whiskey - Rock/Roll/Country/Yup

Thick and ThinAmericana & foolishness

Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy - Heavy/Riffs/Harmonies/Mhetal

Twisted Strategies - Rock/Rap/Roll?

TyBox - Rap/HipHop/R and B

Ugly As Hell - Rock/Blues/Roll

The Vesuvians - Rock/Roll/Fun/Dance/Don’tBeafraidtoDance

West By Swan - Indie/Rock/Roll/Loud/As/Hell

Wolfthump - Drums/Dirt/Twirl/Dance!

Yule Logs - Christmas/Rock/Roll/Initforthemoney